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Welcome, Hytale Community!

Many of you may recognize me from Hytale Hub, and if so, you'd be correct! No, I'm not an imposter. I'm the same Pearson Wright who helps oversee the wonderful community over at HytaleHub.com as well. We recently decided to create HytaleMarket.gg as a splinter site of HytaleHub.com so that we could separate the trades and sales aspect of Hytale Hub from its primary purpose(s), which are resource sharing and general game discussion.

The goal of Hytale Market is to provide the Hytale community with a place to advertise, buy, sell, and trade any and all goods related to Hytale so long as they are in full compliance with the Hypixel Studios EULA. Though we've yet to be given full undisclosed access to the EULA, we can likely assume that the buying and selling of Hytale accounts will not be allowed, and so therefore, stuff like this will obviously be strictly prohibited. Instead, we want to encourage users to hire modelers, plugin developers, artists, etc.

Hytale Market will present a great opportunity to both freelancers looking to sell their services, as well as entreprenuers looking to create something innovative and amazing in Hytale!

Below, I've assembled a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) to hopefully alleviate any questions/concerns that may arise.


Q1: Is Hytale Market Free to use?

Every single component of Hytale Market will always be 100% free to use. We have no intention of selling premium roles or premium ad slots here. Our goal is to be as community-driven as possible. There will be no fees on goods purchased or sold via our resource marketplace, and furthermore, any and all custom roles will be given to users based on their accomplishments as creators/sellers within our community.

Q2: How do I join the Content Creator program?

A2: The Content Creator program is available to modelers, artists, youtubers, developers, designers, and anyone else who demonstrates a unique motivation and/or talent for creating content centered around Hytale. At first, there will be no strict set of requirements, but in time, this may change. Members of the Hytale Hub Network Content Creator program shall receive unique roles across all of the Hytale Hub Network websites, as well as spontaneous shoutouts and promotion across our network.

Q3: How do I receive a Developer/Artist/Marketer or Designer role?

Check out this thread: https://hytalemarket.gg/threads/buyer-seller-ranking-system.4/
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