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At Hytale Market, we use a tiered ranking system for all developers, artists, modelers, designers, and marketers. The purpose of having a tiered system is to distinguish a user's credibility and accomplishments within the community. Any user can request to be granted a Tier 1 role of any kind, but in order to advance to the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th tier, they must demonstrate integrity, talent, and authenticity. There is a separate tiered ranking system for "buyers". Buyers are granted a Tier 1 Buyer role following their first purchase of any type of good from any seller. To receive this role, simply message a moderator. Their tier can advance overtime as they make additional purchases.

The Buyer/Seller Ranking System is defined as follows:

For Sellers (Developers, Artists, Modelers, Designers, and Marketers)

  • Tier 1 = Upon request
  • Tier 2 = After 5 successful sales
  • Tier 3 = After 10 successful sales
  • Tier 4 = After 15 successful sales
For Buyers
  • Tier 1 = After 1 successful purchase
  • Tier 2 = After 3 successful purchases
  • TIer 3 = After 5 successful purchases
  • Tier 4 = After 10 successful purchases
(Note: The requirements for each tier may be adjusted overtime if buying and selling volume increases across Hytale Market.)

Some goods/services are bought and sold "under the table" following discussions in various threads throughout our Forum. However, for automatic sales/purchases processed directly through HytaleMarket.gg, we advise using https://hytalemarket.gg/resources/

If you are a seller looking to be granted a Developer, Artist, Modeler, Designer, or Marketer role, please message either myself or another moderator and we will update your rank accordingly!
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